We believe a celebration of life should be as special as the person it honours. Melbourne Cremation Service professionals consider every detail—because we understand that what makes someone unique is the little things. Capturing that essence creates an unforgettable funeral.

Our Company has a long and proud history of:

  • High levels of service and attention to detail
  • Commitment to ongoing training to better serve the wider community;
  • A positive place to work for our dedicated and loyal staff.


Melbourne Cremation Service provides a personalised experience.
90% of our Products are Australian made
We’re an alternative to the larger corporate companies.
We are authentic, We are not a Franchise.
You are getting decades of combined Funeral Service knowledge.
We comply with our legislative obligations audited by Consumer Affairs Vic
We are a Member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA).
As far as value for money, we offer well priced, quality products in all of our full Plans.
We preserve our clients' privacy and confidentiality


Through the indispensable community service of death care, we aspire to touch the hearts of our community. We aim to authentically honour and celebrate the sacred lives of our neighbours and friends; leave the world a greener place through environmentally-friendly products and practices; and forge lifelong relationships based on emotional nourishment, genuine tenderness, and shared humanity.



As neighbours, friends, and family members to those we serve, we strive to develop a high level of public trust and to give back to our community by supporting local charities, organising local community events, and recognising local community members who are making positive contributions.


Following the Golden Rule, we consider the well-being and shared interests of our families, clergy, medical professionals, cemetery staff, governmental agencies, co-workers, other funeral professionals, community, and local press when striving to create empathetic, win-win outcomes.


We conduct ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, competence, and professionalism in honour of the deceased and in service to their families, and we seek never to invoke unfavourable remarks or mindsets toward the funeral industry, our company, or our professionals.


Through honesty, kindness, reliability, and gratitude, we create a strong familial work culture, and thereby foster genuinely wholehearted and generous relationships with the families we serve.


Holding fairness and sensitivity in the highest regard, we honour, value, and respect every family we serve, regardless of creed, religion, socio-economic status, lifestyle and customs, sexual orientation, race, age, political affiliation, physical disability, or gender identity.


Supportive Personalised Services
24 Hours A Day


Heritage & Experience

At Melbourne Cremation Servicewe pride ourselves on creating new and creative ways to honour your loved one. Thanks to our decades long heritage, we have the experience and trust to work with you to create personalised funerals.

Supportive Team

We have an experienced and caring team who are committed to caring for you and your family. We tailor our services to your needs whether that be religious, traditional or a celebratory farewell.

Affordable Pricing

All of our service  fees are affordable so your loved one can be remembered and honoured appropriately. We have a selection of packages available as well as being able to tailor a funeral to your specific needs.